ABDIN ENTERPRISES & COMPANY is a sole proprietorship, is a type of enterprises that is owned and run by on natural person and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and business entity.

Educational Service

Committed to increasing young people’s understanding and enjoyment of vocational, technical and academic courses. The free educational resources for 4-19 year olds bring classroom topics to life. Developed with teachers and education specialists, the resources aim to inspire young section of the society.

Vocational Training

Design and develop “Vocational Skill development Program” to be delivered through multi model delivery methods, either by academic institute faculty or from our centers, within the institute or at other convenient location.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A leading provider of CSR services offering a wide range of services, ensuring end-to-end project management support to design, facilitate and monitor including Social Audits / Social Compliance, Environmental Audits / Assessments and Security Audits / Assessments.